Past Meetings

Past meetings of the Eastern Australia Ground Control Group
Date Location Topic
May 2017 Sydney Shotcrete Workshop

October 2016 Brisbane New Technology: Getting Smarter in These Challenging Times

October 2015 Canberra When the Unexpected Happens

March 2015 Launceston Stress and Seismicity

March 2014 Melbourne Software used in Geotechnical Engineering

November 2013 Adelaide Managing Mining Costs through Sound Geotechnical Engineering

May 2013 Brisbane New Technologies in Ground Control

November 2012 Hobart Vertical Development

May 2012 Sydney Shotcrete – Practical Applications 2012

February 2012 Melbourne The Q System workshop with Nick Barton

November 2011 Melbourne Getting the Basics Right: Data Collection, Data Analysis and Empirical Methods

May 2011 Newcastle Cutting Edge Technologies in Rock Mechanics 2011

October 2010 Adelaide Ground Control Management Plans

May 2010 Brisbane Application of Various Ground Control Techniques to Specific Mining Methods: An Industry Perspective

October 2009 Launceston Ground vibrations – Blasting & Seismicity & its effect on ground control

May 2009 Cairns Selecting the Appropriate Ground Support

September 2008 Melbourne Managing Geotechnical Hazards

May 2008 Wollongong Stress Measurement, Monitoring and Modelling Techniques and their Design Applications

September 2007 Adelaide Leading Edge Technology for Surface and Underground Ground Control

May 2007 Townsville Vertical Development Design, Operation, Repair and Monitoring

November 2006 Hobart Corrosion of Ground Support and Shotcrete/Fibrecrete

September 2006 Brisbane The use of rockmass classification systems for underground lateral development (Barton)

May 2006 Broken Hill Risk Management

November 2005 Melbourne Shotcrete

May 2005 Orange Legal Liability and the Geotechnical Engineer

November 2004 Hunter Valley Subsidence (joint meeting with MSTS)

May 2004 Olympic Dam Open Stope Design and Stability

November 2003 Sydney Education and Training

May 2003 Mt Isa Rock Mass Classification Systems (Barton)
October 2002 Bendigo General issues
May 2002 Sydney Incorporation